Dear All,

Fifty years have passed since the late lamented Pampady Thirumeni of blessed memory was taken away to his heavenly abode. On the 50th Annual Feast Day of the saintly Metropolitan’s demise (06 May 2015) H. H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicos of the East announced the launching of a year – long golden jubilee observance with several significant programmes and projects. Kindly see the details below and extend your support and co–operation for the success of all these activities which have been conceived with Thirumeni’s vision and mission in our minds.

1.Bible Study Classes

This is an attempt to teach the Bible and the Orthodox faith to our laity. Classes will be held at Pampady Dayara on every Wednesday (10.00 a.m. – 12.15 noon).

2.Expatriates’ Meet

This is a one–day conference of Orthodox faithful employed and settled outside Kerala. The main purpose of this special Orthodox diaspora meet is to familiarize the youngsters regarding the life and ideals of the departed saintly Metropolitan. The meeting will start after Holy Qurbana and will be over with lunch on Saturday, 18th July 2015. Sri. Jiji Thomson IAS (Chief Secretary, Kerala) and Sri. P. H. Kurian IAS (Principal Secretary, Industries Department, Kerala) will be the key–note speakers. Special buses will be arranged to pick up participants from Pampady Junction and drop them back.


Pampady Thirumeni respected elders and teachers from the depth of his heart. His bonding with Madathil Ramanpillai Asan who taught him in his primary school days was very special. In commemoration of Thirumeni’s devotion to his Gurus, a special programme is being organized to honour revered elderly Gurus of the church and the society.

4. Prayer Card

This prayer card contains intercessory prayers to the Saintly Thirumeni. We wish to see that the prayer cards reach all homes of Orthodox faithful in our land and that all should unite in prayers at a specific time every day.

5. Spiritual Edification Classes for Youngsters

The plan is to organize special moral instruction classes for our teenagers / adolescents in collaboration with our Sunday School Association. This is intended to give our upcoming generation good formation in ethics and orthodox faith.

6. Pilgrimages

Special pilgrimages are being arranged to the shrines of two of Pampady Thirumeni’s great gurus. The first on 15th September to Pampakuda Cheriyapally where the mortal remains of the Ist Catholicos of Malankara Moran Mar Baselios Paulos I lie entombed and the second, on 6th November to Thrikkunnath Seminary, Alwaye which holds the relics of LL Kadavil Mar Athanasios.

7. Family Reunion – October 18th

This is an extended family get–together of Pampady Thirumeni’s own kith and kin as well as those who became his spiritual children –– by being ordained by him, by serving him as disciples and helpers and by receiving sacraments such as baptism, marriage etc from him.

8. Ascetics’ Meet – November 27

This special ‘Sanyasi Samgamam’ is expected to bring together the hermits and monastics not only from different christian denominations, but also other faiths and religions. The organizers hope to bring in internationally well–known speakers to address this spiritual confluence.

9. Seminars / Symposia

There are many regions in Kerala where people haven’t heard of Pampady Thirumeni and his blessed life adequately. In order to acquaint our faithful with the simple, saintly life and lofty ideals of Thirumeni, we propose to organize seminars and symposia on the life and message of Pampady Thirumeni at 3–4 important centres.

10. Beneficiary Meet – 14th November

There are many people of different faiths who have received blessings through the intercessory prayers of Pampady Thirumeni. As the late lamented Geevarghese Mar Ivanios Metropolitan was the most notable beneficiary among those who received favours through Pampady Thirumeni’s prayers, this special meet is scheduled for 14th November, the birthday of Mar Ivanios of blessed memory.

11. Charity Initiatives

In keeping with Pampady Thirumeni’s compassion for the poor, the sick and other marginalized sections, special charity drives are on the anvil. These include educational assistance for 50 poor students, marriage assistance for 50 youngsters and house construction assistance for 50 homeless people. For educational assistance, we hope to raise funds by collecting tithe (dasamsam) from 50 well – employed orthodox youth.

12. Clergy Meet (20th October)

A meeting of all priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church is proposed to be held at Mar Kuriakose Dayara on 20th October 2015.

13. Pilgrimage to Kunnamkulam

80 years ago, when Kunnamkulam was hit by a plague outbreak and hundreds were dying from the dreaded epidemic, Pampady Thirumeni dared to go to the place and pray for the sick. It is said that the day Thirumeni set foot at Kunnamkulam, the plague stopped spreading. In February 2016, we are planning a special pilgrimage to Kunnamkulam in which all parishes under the Kottayam Diocese are expected to participate. A Commemoration Meeting will be held at Kunnamkulam when all pilgrims congregate there on the chosen day.

14. Video and Audio Productions

Video and Audio productions (CDs/Albums/MP3s) on the life of Thirumeni, devotional songs, liturgical music, special prayers etc. are in the process of evolution. They will definitely bring all of us closer to God and our saintly mediator.

15. Souvenir

Work has begun on a remarkable souvenir which will encapsulate the details of the pious life and teachings of the departed Thirumeni. It will contain articles and studies on the different facets of the saintly bishop’s personality as also theological elucidations of his deep mysticism.

16. Palliative Care Network Extension

Already some units of palliative care volunteer teams are functioning in and around Pampady. ‘Asha Kiran’ which is hardly 2 km east of the Dayara is now looking after several terminally ill patients who have nobody to take care. It is expected that this palliative care movement will gradually evolve into a mighty network and become a fit memorial for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Thirumeni’s demise. We request all to pray for the successful fulfilment of all these programmes and projects.

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