Even the dog listens to Thirumeni

A Miracle:

A stray dog used to come regularly to visit Thirumeni. Thirumeni used to feed the dog from the window by sharing his meal. In addition to that Thirumeni also used to give the dog milk and biscuits. If the dog finds that Thirumeni is not in the dayara she would go away without eating anything. One day Thirumeni realised that the dog was pregnant. He felt more sympathy to the dog and offered her good food. For some days no one saw the dog. Later she came having delivered the puppies. As usual Thirumeni offered the dog food and told her. “I want to see your pup”. Immediately the dog went, caught a pup by the throat, came back and put the little one in front of Thirumeni !!!. I have seen this with my own eyes. After Thirumeni caressed the pup, gave it some more food, the dog took the pup away. Only very few saints could love all living beings like this. Even now hordes of crows haunt the Dayara compound.

Pampady Thirumeni loved all living beings dearly

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