Guardian For The Needy

Ordination as the Metropolitan:

Due to the insistence of Vattasseril Thirumeni and Mathews Mar Ivanios of Kottayam diocese, Ramban was ordained as the Metropolitan on 16th February, 1929 by the Late Moran Mar Baselious Geevarghese 11 Catholicose. This was the next day after which Baselious Thirumeni took over as the Catholicose. Hence Pampady Thirumeni is the first Metropolitan, H.H Catholicose consecrated. He was also presented the name ” Kuriakose Mar Gregorios”.

Relation Between Pampady Thirumeni and Bava Thirumeni ( Moran Mar Baselious Geevarghese 11 Catholicose):

Pampady Thirumeni had a very close relation with Bava Thirumeni. Pampady Thirumeni always used to carry a hand kerchief and a key set. He made it a point to hand over the hand kerchief to someone present there before visiting Bava Thirumeni as a token of respect. There should not be anything hidden before him. He never used to visit Bava Thirumeni showing his bare head. Bava Thirumeni also had a great affection towards Pampady Thirumeni. Even in his last days, inspite of failing memory, he used to enquire about Pampady Thirumeni.

Relation to Parumala Thirumeni


As the Metropolitan of Kottayam, he lead the diocese beautifully for about 36 years. Whatever be the problem in the diocese, he tackled everything smoothly by the grace of the Holy Spirit. He presided over the functions of Parumala Seminary also for an year during this time. His devotion for Parumala Thirumeni was tremendous. After the ordination, Pampady Thirumeni was presented the Holy Sceptre (Amsha Vadi) of Parumala Thirumeni. This Amsha Vadi was given to Thirumeni by the Holy Grace to perform everything well. Every year Pampady Thirumeni made it a point to visit the Kabar of Parumala Thirumeni and fast for a day in prayer.


As a Church Leader

Pampady Thirumeni was the trustee of the Catholicate Endowment (Catholica Nidhi) which was started in 1934. Thus he was able to guide the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in all matters. His devotees in Kottayam built the Karapuzha Mar Gregorios Chapel. Just like Pampady Dayara, Thirumeni used to look after this chapel also. In memory of Thirumeni, Pampady Mar Gregorios Memorial High School was built in 1929 by Thirumeni’s paternal uncle, Pampady Karinganamattathil Kochukora.

Thirumeni used to get up early in the morning at four. In addition to the five Lents that the church has specified, Thirumeni used to take fasting prayers and Lents to end the fight between the two factions.


Thirumeni’s Stand During Church Fights:

Even during the time of Church fights, Thirumeni had no anger or dispute towards any body. He visited Mar Athanasios Thirumeni at Thrikunathu Seminary when he was not well. Similarly he visited the diseased Michael Mar Dionysius at the Manarcad Church.

During this time, there came a Court Order that he was not supposed to enter the Pampady Valiyapally, which was his own church (idavaka pally). The order was brought to Thirumeni for his signature. Thirumeni enquired as to what it was and was told the matter. He immediately signed it and gave it. His eyes became red. He said “even the dogs can enter to the Church premises and bats can move freely along the church lofts, but me….”.

After that it was required that Thirumeni had to go to the Court to record his words. Two to three days before the case, Thirumeni used to go to the Pazhaya seminary. Advocates used to come and teach Thirumeni what to tell in the court. But Thirumeni always used to pray that he should never be led into the Court. He had full assurance in the Lord God and was not worried about the material things around. One day, Thirumeni had to reach the premises of the Court to give verdict. But the case was postponed to a further date and later it was cancelled. Thus Thirumeni never had to enter the Court.


Thirumeni as a Guardian for the Poor:

There were many incidents which brought forth the caring nature of Thirumeni. One such incident is mentioned here. There was a beggar in Pampady named Murikayan Mathai from ‘Thiruvithamkore’. Thirumeni felt a great concern for this person. He came to know that the beggar was lying in a state of severe disease due to old age in a shed at 11th Mile, beside K K Road. Thirumeni instructed a near by person to take care of the beggar. The next day, Thirumeni visited him and anointed him (“Rogikalude Thaliabhishekom”). Very soon the beggar died and Thirumeni arranged for his funeral in the Pampady Valiya Pally cemetery itself.

Thirumeni used to help many high school and college students, without any one coming to know of it! One day a college student near Thiruvalla wrote a letter to Thirumeni, requesting for money to be given as the college fees. Thirumeni replied telling that he would do so. He remembered this the day before the last day of the payment and send the money through a person to the student. These incidents goes on and on. Anyone who came to know Thirumeni would tell about these qualities in Him.

Thirumeni, please pray for us….

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