The Holy Hermit Of Tabor Hill

MarBaselius Mar Thoma Mathews II (6th CATHOLICOS – 1991 to 2005)


We are immensely pleased that the fourth edition of the biography of Pampady Kuriakose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan is being brought out giving a comprehensive picture of his blessed life and the growth and development of the institutions that have been established under the aegis of Pampady Dayara. His life of simplicity and prayer, his kindness and concern for the down trodden and his wonted hospitality remain an ideal for everyone, lay and clergy alike. It is not unusual that those who seek his intercession gain continual blessings from above. We pray that the precious spiritual life style that he followed keeps inspiring the church and its followers, giving them much needed strength from time to time. Inspired by his unseen presence and prayers, P.C.Yohannan Ramban has been turning out impeccable service towards all the developmental activities at Pothenpuram for the last few decades.

We have great pleasure in felicitating and blessing the meaningful effort taken up by Shri. K.V. Mammen in delving into the recesses of spiritual strength of Thirumeni. We hope that the members of our church will find edifying and enlightening. May God bless you .

Devalokam Aramana Baselius Mar Thoma Mathews II 2.3.2004

K V Mammen

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