‘Kurishu Pally’ Of Pampady Dayara

The “KurishuPally” of Pampady Dayara is situated in the mid of the Pampady town. It is by the side of the road, on the left side when going from Kottayam to Kumily (K.K. Road). The “Pezhamattom” home where Thirumeni was born, was situated in this place where the cross now stands. Thus Thirumeni was born in April 5th, 1885 at this place. Later this land was given to the Dayara to construct the ‘Kurishupally’.

Every year during the ‘Rasa’ of Thirumeni’s orma perunnal, special prayers are conducted here. Hundreds of devotees light candles and pray here everyday. Immense blessings are showered on all who seek the intercession of our beloved Thirumeni.




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