His memorable speech at Pazhanji St. Mary’s Church

[ This was when Thirumeni visited the church on Jan 5, 1958. ]

“I feel delighted to see the huge gathering. So inspite of my physical weakness I shall speak a few minutes because I feel compelled to.”

Dear ones,

We have come to this church on a few occasions earlier. But many I have seen then I don’t see now. Because they have all been called away. The late Kollannoor Jacob Kathanar your vicar and I were classmates. Even he has been removed from the land of living. Many shudder at the word ‘death’. We don’t gain anything by being afraid of death. We have had great stalwarts amongst us. Pulikkottil Thirumeni and Wattacheril Thirumeni were noble prelates who have suffered much for their faith and the church. They have left us. Our dear Kochuthirumeni, Puthencavu Mar Philoxenos was a good orator and administrator. He too has passed away. We all have to, some day. When children abroad go back home to their parents they bring costly presents. What do we take with us when we go back to our father in Heaven? You are not expected to go empty handed to the church. Similarly to the presence of our heavenly father. It is the noble deeds that we do in our lives that we take with us. They will follow us home.

Don’t you see that the sun, the moon and the stars give us a lot regularly. But foolish people fail to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. That is a grave wrong. Man discovers many things. May even try to invent some medicine to put off death. But we should still remember about eternity, not just about our fleeing life on earth. Our Lord has prepared many mansions for us in heaven. We should like, our forefathers, keep this faith throughout our life.

Our Lord did all that his father wanted while he was on earth. He prayed all night, he fasted for forty days. You might ask was it all necessary for him. Listen to him: ” No one who calls me simply ‘father’ gets to heaven. Only those who do my father’s will do get there.”

Dear ones, many today are self-willed. Their self will and stubbornness cause dissension. I am happy that there is no such problem in your church. A church is a temple of God where we should behave and act in peace, wisdom and truth. Then we will have blessings. Let us pray that we are led to the land where there is no unending fire and undying maggots.

I don’t know when I will see you again. Only God knows. Be of steadfast faith. May God bless you and all that is yours as well as your priests who serve you. (Malankara Sabha, April 1958).

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