MGM Abhaya Bhawan

It was one of the dreams of Thirumeni who lived on prayer, fasting and hospitality driven by compassion to build an institution for the poor and the needy. The result was MGM Abhaya Bhavan, also known as the ‘Agadhi Mandiram’.

The construction of the Bhavan in the name of Parumala Thirumeni started under the special interest shown by Metropolitan of the diocese Mathews Mar Ivanios Thirumeni in November 1564. Even though it was scheduled to be inaugurated in March 1965 it had to be postponed in view of Pampady Thirumeni’s serious ailment. On the 30th day of Thirumeni’s demise, on 5th May, Geevarghese Mar Gregorios Metropolitan of Angamali diocese inaugurated Abhaya Bhavan. The Bhavan which started with five inmates now has more than fifty, including adult men and women, irrespective of religion.

Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, diocesan Metropolitan has since initiated extension and renovation of the building designed to cater to a hundred inmates. The wing for women, the kitchen and dining rooms are completed. The prayer hall, the new wing for men and an office room are the latest areas to be constructed.

P.C. Yohannan Ramban has been serving as Manager of Abhaya Bhavan from the beginning. A council headed by the Metropolitan of the diocese is administering the Abhaya Bhavan as per its constitution.

P.C Yohannan Ramban
P.C Yohannan Ramban

Abhaya Bhawan has the capcity to accomoodate more than 100 inmates. The work concerning the cemetary of Abhaya Bhawan is also progressing. The MGM Bala Bhawan also functions in close relation to the Abhaya Bhawan.

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