About P.C Yohannan Ramban

About P.C Yohannan Ramban
(June 24, 1935 – Sept. 13, 2008)

Very Rev. P. C. Yohannan Ramban Passed away at 4:30 a.m. IST on Sept 13, 2008 due to heart failure. Rambachan’s body was kept at Karippal hospital. On Sept 16th, the mortal remains of Rambachan was taken to Pampady Dayara. Funeral was conducted at Pampady Dayara on Wednesday, 17th Sept at 02.00 PM. Let us all pray in unison for our Rambachan’s soul.


Oct. 12th : The 30th day of demise of Very. Rev. P. C Yohannan Ramban was celebrated at the Pothenpuram Dayara on October 12th (Sunday). More than 10,000 devotees took part in the function.

30th day of demise - October 12th at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pothenpuram
30th day of demise – October 12th at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pothenpuram

Sept. 17: 3.20 pm: Kabaradaka Shusrusha completed. Very. Rev. P.C Ramban’s mortal remains was placed in the specially constructed tomb. The video of the entire ceremony would be broadcasted in (OrthodoxChurch.TV) when it is available. Please keep checking the page for the exact time.

Sept. 17: 2.15 pm: Prayers for Kabaradaka Shusrusha started.
Sept. 17: 1.45 pm: Deliverance of condolence messages (Anushojana Prasangam).
Sept. 17: 12.30 pm: Nagary Kanickal procession reached Dayara.


Final Prayers offered to Very. Rev. P. C. Yohannan Ramban today at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pothenpuram (More Photos…)


Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pothenpuram crowded with devotees who gathered to pay their last homages to their beloved Rambachan (More Photos…)


Very. Rev. P. C. Yohannan Ramban’s body being brought to Mar Kuriakose Dayara-his final resting place and his home for many years (More Photos…)


Radham carrying Very Rev. P. C. Yohannan Ramban’s mortal remains nearing Mar Kuriakose Dayara (More Photos…)


Nagari Kanickal procession – reaching Pampady Pally (More Photos…)


Very. Rev. P. C. Yohannan Ramban’s bed at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pothenpuram (More Photos…)

Sept 17, 2008: Live Broadcast of the Funeral Service

Live Broadcast of the funeral service of Very.Rev. P.C Yohannan Ramban would be be available from Pampady Dayara on the Gregorian Radio (OrthodoxChurch.FM) from 12 Noon IST on Sept 17th

Sept 17, 2008: News From Manorama


Funeral of respected Rambachan would be conducted at Pampady Dayara on Wednesday 17th Sept at 02.00 PM. Pampady and nearby places have declared a voluntary Hartal for the day (Wednesday) in respect of their beloved Rambachan. After the Holy Qurbana by the Metropolitans today morning the mortal remains will be shifted to Pampady Valiya Pally. After paying respects, the Nagarikaanikkal will commence at 09:00 hrs and is expected to reach dayara by 12:00 noon. Condolence meeting will be held and Kabharadakkam is scheduled for 14:00 hrs.

As per eye witness accounts, heart breaking scenes especially from the children of Asha Kiram (HIV affected innocent kids) from whom Rambachan fought a great WAR, inmates of MGM Abhaya Bhavan, Bala Bhavan , small children from BMM school, KG College and men and women from all walks of life whom Rambachan LOVED and served during his mission work are reported……..In the history of Malankara Orthodox Church ,such scenes are unheard off…..Throughout the 20 KM last journey from Kottayam to Pampady dayara .a sea of humanity was waiting in tears to receive their Holy father…..This true disciple of Pampady Thirumeni has gone for his heavenly abode after accomplishing His Mission….leaving all of us behind…may be to make a place ready for all of us….his spiritual children….

People from all of walks of life throughout Kerala are rushing to Dayara to have a last glimpse of their Idayan and good friend.


Sept 17, 2008: News From Manorama


Sept 16, 2008: Funeral Arrangements (Courtesy: ICON)


HG Gheevarghese Mar Ivaniose who was on a brief pastoral visit to USA has immediately cut short his visit and is expected to arrive at Nedumbacheery on Tuesday early morning. On hearing the most shocking news, Thirumeni expressed his strong intention to be physically present for the funeral and accordingly the burial is postponed to Wednesday at Pampady Dayara.

Tuesday morning, the mortal remains of Rambachan will be taken to Pampady Dayara by about 12:00 PM after having a brief stay at Rambachan’s ancestral home near Pampady. Throughout Tuesday AN and night people will have the privilege to pay homage to Rambachan.

On Wednesday morning the mortal remains will be shifted to Pampady St. John’s Cathedral (parent Parish) to allow people from all walks to pay their respects.

Nagarikanikkalwill commence from pampady cathedral at about 10:00 hrs (Wed) and expected to reach Dayara around 12:30hrs via Pampady town, Alampally, KG College, Asha Kiran, Mar Ivaniose ITC, BMM School, MGM Abhaya Bhavan and Bala Bhavan (all founded and nurtured by beloved Rambachan). Kabharadakka Shrushoosha will be led by Bava Thirumeni and Mar Ivaniose of Kottayam, assisted by all other Metropolitans.

Since the news of Ramabchan’s untimely passing away is announced, all are in a state of shock in and around Pampady. People are pouring in day and night to pay homage. Around 50,000 people are expected to attend the funeral/ nagarikanikkal procession and people are working day and night to ensure that all arrangements are being made for the successful accomplishment.

Sept 16, 2008: Last Journey of Very. Rev. P.C Yohannan Ramban (Courtesy: ICON)

Yohannan Ramban’s Mortal Remains in Front of Karipal Hospital (More Photos…) Courtesy: MalankaraOrthodox.TV

People in thousands reached Karipal Hospital to join the last journey of Yohannan Ramban from Kottayam to Pampady. The “Radham” carrying the Mortal Remains of their Nalla Idayan reached Manarcad at 10:30 AM IST. Under the leadership of the Vicar and MC Members of St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church, Manarcad and Manarcad Powrawalli, special homage was paid at Manarcad Junction .

In view of the big turnout of people from various walks of life including men, women and children irrespective of caste, creed or religion, the 20 KM long procession from Kottayam to the Pampady Dayara was moving very slowly.

Let us continue to pray for this great Karma Yogi who has sacrificed his whole life for the Holy Church and the society.

Sept 15, 2008:News From Malayala Manorama




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