Pampady Dayara Festival

  • Thirumeni’s Orma Perunnal : April 4, 5
  • Festival of Seeds (Vithu Vila Perunnal) : Jan 15
  • ‘Kalitta Perunnal’ (Stone-Laying Festival) : July 15
  • Mar Ivanios Thirumeni’s Orma Perunnal : Aug 30-31


Pampady Thirumeni’s Orma Perunnal

Thirumeni’s Orma Perunnal is the festival which is celebrated in utmost glory at the Dayara. It is usually celebrated on 4th and 5th of April. It starts with the ‘rasa’ (procession) from the Pampady Pally (Yuhannon Cathedral), in front of the ‘kurishupally’ in Pampady to Pampady Dayara. Devotees walk the entire path of Thirumeni’s ‘thagarikanickal’ (where Thirumeni’s body was taken before his burial). Thousands of devotees take part in this rasa which covers a distance of about 5 kilometers. People come from far and wide to be a part of this Perunnal. Every year people come from Kunnamkulam to take part in the festival as a token of their love and gratitude to Thirumeni for saving their lives. The same festival is also celebrated in Kunnamkulam in these days.

If April 4th and 5th falls in a weekday during the great lent, then its celebrated on the first Friday evening and Saturday after April 5th. If this falls to be in the Holy week, then it is celebrated on the next Sunday(Easter) and Monday.

Pamphlet distributed in 2007
Pamphlet distributed in 2007

Daiva Matha’s Vithu Vila Perunnal (Festival of Feeds)

During the time of Pampady Thirumeni, one of the main festivals that was celebrated in addition to the normal festivals declared by the church is the The Feast invoking the the blessings of Virgin Mary’s blessings on agricultural seeds (Daiva Matha’s Vithu Villa Perunnal) on Jan 15. It was celebrated with all pomp and glory with conventions lasting for many days. After Thirumeni’s heavenly abode, it is celebrated well but by reducing the outward celebrations to an extent. Ramban celebrated the Holy Mass for the first time in Pampady Dayara on 15th Makaram, 1090 along with the celebration of Mother Mary’s Festival of Seeds (vithu vila perunnal). Thus this is the first festival that was celebrated in Dayara and from then on, every year it is celebrated grandly.


Kalitta Perunnal (Festival commemorating the stone laying function of Dayara) – July 15

The next festival that is celebrated in the Dayara is ‘Kalitta Perunnal’ on July 15th. This commemorates the stone laying function of the new dayara chapel on July 15, 1988 by H H Baselius Marthoma Mathews I. The chapel was consecrated on July 15, 1993 by H H Baselius Marthoma Mathews II. Thus every year ‘Kalitta Perunnal’ is celebrated on July 15th. May people take part in the same.


Mar Ivanios Thirumeni’s orma perunnal: Aug 30-31

The next main festival of Pampady Dayara is the orma perunnal of Paret Mar Ivanios, who was the successor of Thirumeni. The mortal remains of Mar Ivanios of Paret are entombed in beautiful sepulchre to the right of Pampady Thirumeni’s Kabar, to the left side of Altar of Mar Kuriakose Dayara chapel. He was born on 10th January, 1888. He was consecrated as the Metroplitan on 15th May, 1953 and entered eternal peace on 31st August, 1980. Thus the Orma Perunnal of Mar Ivanios Thirumeni is celebrated every year on August 30 and 31.


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