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for promotion and for getting accommodation.

ani mariam daniel,qatar
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I humbly beg and ask all of you to please pray for my deceased pet dog ' Archie Boy'. He was hit by a lorry early morning on the 12th January 2019. He was like a brother to me and spent more then 14 years together. I'm mentally and physically broken and saddened. I believe in the power of prayers . Please dear brothers and sisters pray that God have mercy on Archie Boy and give a place in heaven. I'm in tears sending this message and I don't know what else to do. Please dear brothers and sisters pray for him. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen and God bless all of you. Please dear brothers and sisters call and reply to me as I'm in so much grief and want God to show mercy that Archie Boy will be given a place in heaven. Thank you.

please pray for my daughter sandra shajan ( 16 year old girl ) .. she have emotional problem and eating problem. she is studying in kuwait in 11 standard. she cannot study properly related this issue. please pray for jesus for a complete healing shajan from kuwait

shajan tony,kuwait
Dear Lord Jesus My son has a nerve malformation in his brains. The neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on 12 Jan 19. Please be with the Neurosurgeon and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If you will Lord, please heal my son so that the brain embolization is not needed. May all be well with my son Lord Jesus Amen Philip

Please pray for me to stop the Bleeding

Aleyamma Johns,USA
I am a baptized person, in love with a catholic man for nearly 6 years. We are 30 years old. We tried our level best to convince our parents and waited so long to get married. Infact I am a Hindu, that is the main reason why his mother could not accept me. Later I got baptized. Now he says, he needs to please his parents and relatives by marrying a catholic. His relatives kept blaming that his mother, who suffers from heart disease, is getting a worsened situation due to this relationship. When they kept threatening and blaming him, he at once decided to leave me and soon his parents started seeking proposals. We are still in touch with each other and both of us cannot get married to some one else but due to circumstances he is forced to get married to satisfy others. It has been nearly 10 months since he told he would have to obey his parents by ditching me. But no one knows that we are still in touch with each other. His mother, who was a retd. teacher once talked to me. she told she is seeking a bride who is 3 0r 4 years younger to him, as im 8 months older to him. She told she cannot seek proposal to my parents, which is the sole reason by which i kept waiting for 6 years. She also told i should treat him like my brother and she believes if i get married to him he would not be able to control me and so kept feeding the same to him. Now he fears if he gets married to me, this will end up in divorce. He is also scared that his mother would die soon. Due to the arrogant nature of his mother, he is compelled to get married against his wish, while i have to remain single for my whole life. Kindly pray for our reconciliation.

Deepa Sri,Trivandrum
O Saint Pampady Thirumeni ...Dear appacha .....please heal me ...I am suffering from illness ..especially chest pain ...O Appacha ...kindly intercede for me before our lord ...In the name of Father Son and Holy Ghost ...Amen

Ente ponnu Pampady thirumeni appacha please please please pray for my son to write his exams without condonation

Susan ,Kerala
Almost two years I'm searching a suitable alliance for marriage. But lot of hindrances are in it. Now one proposal which is mutually accepted by both parents 4-5 months before but there is no progress in it after that. Pray for the marriage to be fixed soon.

Bobin Thomas,Saudi Arabia
Pls pray for my hearts cries to be financially strong so as to clear my financial debt and be a stable financial provider to support my family.

devadas,penang, MALAYSIA

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