Made Ramban by Kadavil Paulose Mar Athanasios on 29 July, 1906

Ramban in Pampady Church

After being ordained as the Ramban on 9th July, 1906 by the Catholicose H.G. Poulose Mar Ivanios, Ramban stayed at the Pampady Church. It was during this time that the Pampady Church was rebuilt and the second floor was built to the ‘Nadakashala’. The beautiful paintings now seen in the ‘Madbaha’ of the Church were also drawn during this time. Ramban used to announce in the Church about the planned work and the devotees used to gather together to do these work, which got over very quickly due to the united effort. Ramban was very particular that all the workers should be fed well.

The people used to present Ramban with many eatables and harvests when they visited him. And all these were given away to the devotees who used to come to see Ramban. It should be noted that the more he gave, the more he used to get back. Ramban’s first teacher, Madathil Aashan still continued teaching in the Pallivathulkal school, adjacent to the church. It was Ramban’s another main hobby to present the students there with eatables. Thus Ramban was loved by one and all.

Pampady Church

Ramban in Parumala Seminary

At this time, as per the instruction of Ramban’s Malpan H G Vattasseril Thirumeni, Ramban shifted to the Parumala seminary. There he served as the assistant of Kallasheril Punnose Ramban. The stay at Parumala Seminary, where Parumala Thirumeni’s body was laid to rest was indeed a spiritual renovation for the Ramban. His desire to follow the sanctified foot steps of Parumala Thirumeni raised the Ramban to great heights. He was also appointed to teach Syriac to the church scholars at Parumala Seminary. Vattasseril Thirumeni used to make Ramban write replies for his letters from foreign lands like ‘Sheema’. Ramban’s Syriac letters were very beautiful and hence his hand writing very impressive. One day, His Grace Abdulla Patriarch, who was staying at the seminary asked Ramban to celebrate the Holy Qurbana. Though initially Ramban was a bit hesitant to Celebrate the Holy Mass in Syriac in front of the Patriarch, it finally resulted in everyone praising Ramban.

Pampady Thirumeni as a Ramban

Disciples Of Ramban

During his stay in Parumala Seminary, Ramban got two disciples: Vattamala Abraham Deacon and Mannukaduppil Kuriakose Deacon.

Ramban with the First Catholicose:

When the First Catholicose, H.G Murimattathu Poulose Mar Ivanios was not well and was resting at Parumala Seminary, Ramban used to look after him with due care and love. The Catholicose used to term Ramban lovingly as “My Ramban” (“Ente Rambachan”). The Bava Thirumeni used to love Ramban so much. Bava played a major role in forcing the Ramban to become the Catholicose, when Vakathanam Kaaruchira Pilaksinos Metropolitan disagreed to continue as the Catholicose.

Second Catholicose (Vakathanam Bava / Vailcattu Bava)

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