Relics Of Pampady Thirumeni

The Reliquary Room

Some of the furniture and holy things used by or associated with Pampady Thirumeni are preserved in the reliquary room on the right side of the Holy Altar of Mar Kuriakose Dayara chapel. The things present there are: Thirumeni’s Bed, Vestments, Books, Photographs, Old chain watch, ‘Amshavadi’ of Parumala Thirumeni, Foot-wears, Vessels used by Thirumeni and several such relics, which are beautifully preserved here.


The Pocket Watch

The Pocket watch that was used by Pampady Thirumeni during his last years is preserved here. The needles are at a standstill and depicts the time 2:35 AM. The watch was wound by Thirumeni’s own hands for the last time. Thus the watch has stopped at the same time of Thirumeni’s demise (2:35 AM on April 5 1965) and is kept as such.


The Shepherds rod (Amshavadi)

The Shepherds rod that Parumala Thirumeni used was handed over to Pampady Thirumeni along with the name ‘Gregorios’. His love and respect for his namesake saint of Parumala has been remarkable. This sceptre of Parumala Thirumeni was given to him during his ordination as the Metropolitan like the mantle of Elijah that fell on Elisha. This Amsha Vadi was given to Thirumeni by the Holy Grace to perform everything well. He used to go to Parumala Thirumeni’s final resting place for fasting and prayer every year without fail.


Hand Writing Of Thirumeni

Pampady Thirumeni was blessed with an attractive and legible handwriting in Syriac. It was elegant in its regular slant. Most of the prayer books in Syriac that Thirumeni had been used using were copied by him in his own hand. A special kind of feather and ink was used by Thirumeni for that. By this talent Thirumeni even qualified himself to hold correspondence with the patriarch of Antioch on behalf of the Malankara church at a critical period of the church history.


Veil Of Parumala Thirumeni

The veil of Parumala Thirumeni was also handed down to Pampady Thirumeni. It is now safely in the hands of very Rev. Yohannan Ramban, the disciple of Pampady Thirumeni and the manager of the monastery for the last fifty years.


The present Dayara Chapel has the Biggest Icon In India, drawn by Fr.George Thomas Pothanickal, Artist & Iconographist

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