Sayings Of Thirumeni

The following are some of the wise verses that Thirumeni has given either in personal conversation or in public speeches.

1. My dear children, love God, don’t forget that death is certain. Do good turns, pray and fast regularly. That us what our Lord has done. Live and be prepared.

2. Children, help those in need. Don’t keep grudges. Love everyone. Avoid dissension and litigation.

3. Dear ones, whose is the church? Not ours. It is God’s. Don’t fight there. We have heard what has happened to those who have dismantled rafters or shaken off pillars of the church. Church is for love.

4. Husbands, when you eat remember also your wives. See that they also eat. You should be concerned about them.

5. Children, you should love God. Obey your parents and respect your teachers.

6. Priests should pray hard and well. Inculcate prayer habit in your people. You should give due importance to it always.

7. Church is the house of the Lord. We should be clean, just and pure in our thoughts and actions. Then God will bless us.

8. If you misuse church funds or properties, God will not spare you, lay or clergy alike.

9. Priests should always be faithful to church and its observances.

10. Remember each house is God’s house.

11. Everyone is equal and alike in primary feelings like hunger. There is no difference between my hunger and of the poor man in the neighbourhood.

12. Do not steal. It is a sin which brings down the wrath of God.

13. All of you should live in peace with trust in God.

14. You do some good to man, he may turn back to hurt you. You feed an angry animal, it won’t bite back.

15. My people always remember that death is certainty.

16. God sends his showers on the good and the evil alike. We should also do like that.

17. If the son of God who possibly did not need to pray, prayed all night, how much more should we?

18. If Christ prayed all night, we should pray more. Think of our plight otherwise.

19. I am father to all. It is my responsibility to care for all. God’s will is that I should always be busy working. I desire to be of use to any one in need.

20. It is our duty to care for and help all who are in need- as far as we can. I share everything of mine with them. They are mine and I am theirs. we are all children of the same mother – Church.

21. “What you have done unto the least, you have done to me” said our Master. Remember that the stones will shout if we fail to say or do what is expected of us every time.

22. Why do we need all these conditions? Can’t we settle everything in love? Should we forget that we are only one breath, however strong we may feel we are.

23. Our church services should be orderly and neat. Young priests should especially remember this. If they do well the credit will go for the elders as well.

24. Be good children. Satan is out there to tempt you always. Do not fall. Our enemy is strong. Unfortunately this is a time when we find it difficult to trust people. Try not to be different with different people. Be yourself. Be faithful to your call.

25. When you go to bed at night pray like this. “My dear father, forgive me if I have said or done anything wrong. Give me grace to do everything right.” Pray thus and your loving father will give you more. He will take good care of you.

26. Do not covet anything, however attractive it may be, that belongs to another. God gives enough. And don’t forget how close death may be.

27. You should all be clean ad straight forward, holding fast to your word, even in the face of death. Lead an ideal life, tell no lies, always standing for truth.

28. My blessed children, even if I am physically removed from you, I shall be with you spiritually. Remember what good I may have done for you. Pray for me.

29. Kathanarachen (Priest), do you know whose it is? God’s gift only.

30. Those who do wrong knowingly, deserve and will get greater punishment. They will have to suffer more.

31. If we don’t try to grow spiritually day by day, our observances will end up just as meaningless traditions.

32. Our sacraments should help us get close to God and be of His mind or else they will just be lifeless customs.

33. It is most essential that we partake of Holy Qurbana during lent periods and on days like Maundy Thursday. We should prepare ourselves fully by fasting and confession.

34. You priests should pray earnestly. DO not compare ourselves with those better placed. Look at those lesser endowed. Then we will sincerely thank God for his wonderful gifts.

35. Do not be proud. You have raised yourself to the skies and will be lowered to the depths of hell. Be gentle and humble towards all. Don’t covet and be greedy. Lead simple lives.

36. Pray always that we should be accepted where there is no ever-burning fire and never dying maggots.

37. God loves the weak and heavy-laden more than us.

38. What can we do unless God guides us?

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