Susy Mathew Writes (Saved from Death)

Then my third child Dr. Subash was only three. We were planning to leave for Paravoor. But Subash developed a little fever and cough. Soon he fell badly ill. He started wheezing and ran high temperature. Specialists like Dr. Poduval and Dr. Amburan were attending on him. Injection and other treatment for three days proved ineffective. They felt helpless, yet would visit the boy every now and then. Hearing that a new medicine was available in Ernakulum we sent someone and got it through Dr. Ittoop. The warning on the drug was daunting. “Caution: take only in emergency. Take extreme care since it has to be administered on the temple”. So both the doctors were not prepared to administer the high potency antidote. Soon Appavu Vaidyan, an expert in child medicine (Ayurveda) from Kottayam was brought in. He administered two or three drops which only made breathing more difficult. So Ammachy discontinued it. Next morning Kallupurackal Philipose Achen was brought home to give the final anointing before Holy Qurbana.

The doyen of Padinjarekara family, Punnachayan went to Karappuzha that afternoon, hearing that Thirumeni was in the chapel. Punnachayan told Thirumeni of the difficulty. Thirumeni went into the ‘madbaha’ prayed on his knees, came out and sent a small bottle of water to be administered to the boy. Ammachi gave a spoonful of it to the boy. In no time he opened his eyes, looked around and smiled. Many saw it as a last flicker. Ammachi continued to give him that water from the bottle. Though the boy looked easier, the doctors would not say he was out of the woods. Things looked brighter the next day. Doctors resumed the injection and the boy got back his normal health within few days. He is now practicing as a doctor after completing his MBBS and MD.

We are confirmed that it was clearly the result of Pampady Thirumeni’s intercession. We thank God for him. Praise be to the Lord.

Dear Thirumeni, please remember us also in your prayers ….

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